adidas by kolor

adidas by kolor

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Following from the success of last season’s Ultra Boost Collective with designs by kolor’s Junichi Abe, we are pleased to bring you footwear and apparel this season from the highly acclaimed collaboration between the well-known Japanese label and the German leader in performance innovation.

The attraction between fashion and athletic culture continues to gain gravity. This collaboration honours the relationship with an attitude that respects both movement and aesthetics without compromising either.

This is not retrospective gear, this is active clothing for now with an eye on the future. Tailored to the specifics of athletes, adidas by kolor is highly innovative apparel for those exploring modern active lifestyles and want their wardrobes to reflect this.

Kolor are often referred to as specialists in fabric selection. This range sees fabrics which remind us we are in the 21st century. Space Mesh Hoodies; Techfit Shorts; Abe uses adidas’ latest technologies to help with temperature control such as Climaheat (their most advanced thermal fleece technology) to keep the heat locked in and Climachill to keep you cool utilising dual layers of jersey mesh—knitted with adidas’ breakthrough “sub-zero yarn”.

One of the most exciting things for us as a menswear retailer is when form and function come together in design to create products which are as appealing visually as they are technically. If you are a runner, the adidas by kolor collection is satisfyingly at the cutting edge of running technology utilising all of adidas’s most up-to-date advances. The Pure Boost ZG, harnesses a revolution in cushioning technology — composed of thousands of energy capsules that store and return energy in every step — and fuses it with an iconic new aesthetic. The footwear has been an instant hit in-store.

Even if you are not a daily sprinter, and you spend more time lusting over aesthetics than athletics, the searing neon palette and the iconic ripstop silver foil which punctuates the collection is enough to satisfy that desire.

Discussing the philosophy behind kolor, designer Junichi Abe said they “constantly value how (they) can blend ‘fantasy’ and ‘reality’ in a well balanced way”. Their products are comfortable and easy-to-wear - not too odd for the street but, in the contrary, not so subtle to get lost and buried in the everyday street scene.

With the pattern, the ultra lightweight progressive fabrics and the superior construction - this really is modern sports clothing at the very best. Catch it if you can.

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