How To Buy A Pair Of The YEEZY BOOST 750 - Light Grey

How To Buy A Pair Of The YEEZY BOOST 750 - Light Grey

Posted by Chris Francis on

The YEEZY BOOST 750 - Light Grey will drop on Saturday June 11th at 10am (CET).

Last time we released Yeezy footwear via our website, too many sneakerbots meant that our website crashed for most of the day. We were able to allocate sizes online via a last-minute raffle but this left many people without a chance to enter.

In-store, dedicated buyers camped outside and many people had to leave empty handed.

With limited numbers we can not satisfy everyone but this time round we are going to do everything in our power to make the system fairer for dedicated fans looking to make a genuine purchase.

You will not be able to purchase a pair of the YEEZY BOOST 750 by queuing outside the store or directly from our website on the launch date. The only way to get a chance is to enter our online raffle which starts today and runs until the launch date.

The raffle is free to enter. After the launch time, 10am (CET) on Saturday 11th June, we will draw the raffle at random and then email the lucky winners directly with a unique link to complete checkout and pay for their YEEZY BOOSTs. Raffle closes at 9am (CET) on Saturday 11th June.

Head over to the Raffle Page, select your size and follow our instructions to enter.