YEEZY SEASON 1 - Philip Browne Preview

Preview YEEZY SEASON 1 images from Philip Browne to accompany our collection release.
Photography: Kev Foster 
Model: Marlon Fernandez @wavyjonez

Taking inspiration from Jackie Nickerson's iconic photography, our look book showcases our selection from the highly anticipated release. This includes the YEEZY 950 boot and men’s apparel featuring oversize sweats; camouflage separates; drapey military sweaters and trackpants. All the pieces have been specifically designed to assist with and destress modern dressing.

“I don’t want the clothes to be the life,” says Kanye West. “I want the clothes to help the life.”

The silhouette is large and oversized on top, tight and trim around the bottom - influenced by Kanye West’s personal sense of style. Stripped-down, comfortable, and unpretentious clothes that can be freely combined in infinite ways. A neutral palette of camel, olive, chocolate brown, blue gray, and camouflage allows for easy combinations and expressions.

YEEZY SEASON 1 is bold gear for decisive men.

Collection launches 10am, 29th October in-store and online.

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