Moncler Grenoble

Moncler Grenoble

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Pushing boundaries of performance outerwear to the extreme, we welcome the Moncler Grenoble collection to our online portfolio this season.

Grenoble represents the sporting heritage of Moncler's illustrious history, creating a playful twist on their clean cut styles with an abundance of bright colours and technical fabrics.

Moncler Grenoble Prees Release For Autumn/Winter'15

"The distinctly sporting vocation of Moncler Grenoble is, as its name itself shows, a throwback to the brand’s origins which lie in theeponymous town of Isère. In this collection it will be combining technical and high performance items with versatile garments that canalso be worn in the city with the greatest ease and at a variety of occasions. The general inspiration sees a new take on retro elements,particularly those from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The silhouettes are often figure-hugging, and almost seem to outline the body with juxtaposedeffects created through textures and geometric combinations of boudin and quilting. They also see interpretations featuring overlappinglengths and thicknesses, and softer breadths. There are leggings and quilted trousers, down-filled garments trimmed with Mongolianfur, sheepskin and goatskin, inserts in technical flannel or wool and knitwear with Norwegian motifs, all enhanced by copious amountsof accessories. For couples inspired by climbers we have garments tested at high altitude, under temperatures impossible to withstandby the Italian climbers that scaled the dizzying heights of K2 until they within arm’s reach of the sky, a feat in which Moncler played adecisive role".

"Then there are the colours. Starting with a distilled range of greys, and a charming range of forest and undergrowth hues, they alsoinclude copy ink reds and blues, ultramarine and deep, nocturnal blues. There is no shortage of glossy black and a vivid, electric yellowwhich recalls certain synthetic colours from the abstract and kinetic painting movement of the 1960s: the same decade that sawMoncler truly make its mark on an international level thanks to the Winter Olympics held in Grenoble in February 1968. Elsewhere, thered, white and blue of the French flag stands out in a tribute to the brand’s DNA, alongside a new and dynamic camouflage. Contrastinggraphic combinations interrupt the prevalence of single-colours. They define clean cuts and backgrounds, giving breadth and a light lookto garments conceived to defy the harshest, most extreme weather conditions".

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