"The One & Only Double RL."

“America’s Genuine Western Wear. Brand of the Ranch. Great shirts, pants, jackets and clothing of all kinds. The finest quality in fit, fabric and finish. For cowboys, cattleman and ranchers in the world represented.”

Founded in 1993 by Ralph Lauren, RRL pays homage to the traditional American spirit. Named after the ‘Double RL’ ranch where Lauren lives in Colorado with his wife. The ranch is named after the both of them, Ricki and Ralph Lauren.

Colorado, famed for its incredible red rock formations, towering sand dunes and vast natural beauty couldn’t be a better spot for the Double RL ranch. Set amongst gentle hills in a piece of land crisscrossed by rivers which have cut valleys and canyons into the earth. The perfect setting for an environment where beauty and substance is revered, ideas developed, and materials tested.

Inspirations come from American workwear with the provenance varying from rare originals, to replicas of originals to totally new designs in tweed or Japanese cotton. The structure, handle and feel of the clothing transports you to a time when garments were made with a skill and dedication which all too often feels diluted in the 21st century.

Ralph Lauren is perhaps one of the most influential American fashion designers of all time. In RRL, we see a styling that reaches beyond the contemporary aesthetic movement that we call “heritage style”, but a holistic approach to dress and style that encompasses materials, design, manufacturing and even nature and history.

RRL we tip our hat to you and your superior garments, they are a welcome addition to the Philip Browne rails and we respect our privilege to offer these modern artefacts for sale on our website.

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