Celebrating The Arrival of Spring With Anmar Mirza


To celebrate the arrival of spring, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful Anmar Mirza and our new neighbours Moosey Art, to create our window installation.  

Using the working title, inspired by David Hockney, Anmar's recent solo show at Moosey, along with a few garments in-store, Anmar has created a bold, expressive and playful window, that appreciates and depicts the resurgence of life that our springs offer, whilst simultaneously celebrating our new collections for this season. Within the installation there is a separate canvas which will be the only survivor of the ephemeral window that will be up until the end of April. We thought we would take this opportunity to raise awareness about sustaining biodiversity for our local wildlife and hopefully raising a bit of cash for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. 

We’re super pleased with how its turned out, thanks to everyone involved. Come and have a gander if you're about. 

Anmar is a bit of a local legend, to say the least, a wonderful human being who certainly has had to wade through the shit to smell the flowers. 

   During the collaborative installation, he would have streams of people stopping and saying hello to him, this is always reciprocated with Anmar, giving more than 5 minutes to talk and listen. This is distilled throughout his varying approaches to life and making his artwork. During the collaboration, we had time to talk and discuss these approaches that have helped him to wade through that shit. 



  “Thinking less and doing more”

  His sensibility is simplified, his outlook measured, the consequence of this is a relatively stress free, manageable workload that he’s in control of, whilst actively trying to never over complicate said workloads. Colours, forms and compositions are simplified versions of past memories and emotions. 

  This demeanour hasn't always been present for Anmar, he’s had to work hard to implement them, re-thinking how he thinks (but not too much) “Thinking less and doing more” has become a daily mantra for him, allowing the work to flow without thinking about it too much, ultimately increasing his output.  He  believes that the mornings are the most important part of the day, “Getting your mindset right in the morning, sets the basis for the rest of the day to build on”. 

    Our minds can be our biggest enemies, overthinking and creating imagined scenarios that haven't happened yet. Ultimately leading towards fear and anxiety that actually stops us from doing the things we want to do. In Anmars words of advice, "Simplify the problems, if we can create the problems in our head, we have the ability to fix them in our head” 

“If we can create the problems in our head, we have the ability to fix them in our head” 

Anmar’s work has progressed from his early years, spending lots of time making murals and building a distinct style that was instantly recognisable as his. His work could be seen in many spots around Norwich, the most significant in size can still be seen on the adjacent wall above the old “Tapas Bar’ on Exchange Street. 

   This style eventually became the catalyst that allowed him to very thing that he had become known for. Over a period of time and after an unexpected hiatus, he has embraced a loose approach to his work, adopting the mantras stated above and focusing on the present moments of actually making the work, have propelled his creative output and “emotional intelligence”.

   He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, we look forward to further projects in the future. Thanks mate. 

For more information and enquiries drop him a line at



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