Fred Perry x Art Comes First

Fred Perry x Art Comes First

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Art Comes First, it is a brand founded by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maldoh. They are two creatives who draw inspiration from everything that has come before in order to inspire the future.

Each of their fathers were highly skilled bespoke tailors which they both identify as the roots of their love for garments. Combining their knowledge of tailoring and their wide spectrum of influences, Art Comes First is their expression that began when tailoring their own clothes growing up.

"Tradition, inheritance, nothing is new under the sun. We study what was done before us so that it can inspire the future. It's the 360 circle of creativity."

The collaboration with Fred Perry takes influence from the original punks and rude boys, for their attitudes as well as style. For this project there is no better canvas for A.C.F. as both subcultures are richly entwined with Fred Perry’s heritage.

This limited capsule collection delves into Fred Perry's archives with a modern take on the M12 polo, oxford shirt, knitted polo and bomber jacket. Focusing on revitalising classics, this collection brings together A.C.F founders Sam Lambert and Skaha Maidoh's shared vision of a sartorial aesthetic and forward thinking approach. Each piece is designed to be worn with the same self-confidence as the punks and rude boys.


Look book styled and photographed by Kev Foster:
Modelled by Marlon Fernandez: @wavyjonez

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