Hatton Labs X Playboy



Hatton Gardens has been known to Londoners for two centuries as the go-to place for bespoke engagement rings and as the centre of the UK's diamond trade. Now, a new creative generation has taken the area by storm and is producing forward thinking jewellery that still has a stylistic nod to Hatton Gardens' rich history.

Hatton Labs produces handcrafted jewellery in the heart of Hatton Gardens - the brand utilises cutting-edge design and 3-D printing technologies alongside a sustainable ethos. Founder Jack Gannon recycles precious metals into a concise range of chunky cuban bracelets, rings that are often accented with semi-precious stones and gender fluid necklaces.

Following on from Hatton Labs' much-hyped collab with streetwear brand Chinatown Market, Gannon has partnered with American lifestyle brand Playboy to bring a little LA glamour to his latest collection.

The Hatton Labs x Playboy is available at only 15 stockists worldwide, meaning exclusivity is guaranteed. Our selection of rings and necklaces are cast in either 925 sterling silver or are gold plated. Many of the styles feature the famous Playboy bunny motif and are inset with semi-precious stones, with the modern, understated design language that Hatton Labs is becoming known for. The result is jewellery that you most definitely want to be seen in.

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