Holubar at Philip Browne for AW16

Holubar was born in 1946 Colorado as the by-product of an idea from Alice and Roy Holubar. Holubar’s humble beginnings started with the sale of army surplus down-filled sleeping bags before they moved on to offering parkas, backpacks and climbing pitons.

They grew to the formal opening of their business and passion one year later in 1947 where they started the company “Holubar Mountaineering”. In it’s infancy, a “mail order” business which after 11 years offered a catalogue of 158 products. The company soon began to build a strong reputation for excellent quality goods across the U.S, receiving high praise for their “sandwich” padding, made from a blend of down feathers and “Holufill” (polyester). This mix was conceived to accelerate the drying process of the innovative “wavy” quilting.

Holubar grew to a point where they were able to open flagship stores across several U.S states. With their growth Alice and Roy always maintained close relations with outdoors professionals, meaning the technical innovations brought into play by Holubar were a direct result of the demands and needs from their customers. This recognition allowed them to dip their toes into the mainstream market where they soon became one of the best known brands of outerwear in America for city usage as well as their initial outdoors habitat.

In 1968 Roy and Alice decided to sell the business and by the 80’s the brand had virtually disappeared. Here at Philip Browne we are excited to welcome Holubar back to it’s first season in our door.

Head over to our Holubar brand page to view the collection.

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