How Pyrenex Climbed To The Top

How Pyrenex Climbed To The Top

Posted by Bill Savory on

Pyrenex has a rich heritage that spans over 150 years. It was founded as "The Crabos Company" by the great-grandfather Abel Crabos in 1859, firmly anchored in the heart of the Landes region, the historic heartland of French goose and duck breeding.

Abel was joined by his son René, who was captain of the French rugby team after the Great War and president of the French Rugby Association in the 1960s. Together they bought a sorting machine that was modern and specialised in the raw material of down itself. Combining their new machine with the exceptional quality of the goose and duck down from the Pyrenees, they earned a well regarded reputation with highly sought after demand for their down globally. The company had begun with an ethos of commitment, confidence and solidarity which ran thick through the veins of their company. Out of the spirit of generosity, Marie Crabos (Renés wife) unknowingly created Pyrenex's first down jackets to protect prisoners from the cold during World War II.

Their initial workshops were created by André (Renés son) in the 60's and were specifically tailored for the production of bedding accessories. By May 1968 the Crabos family began developing and manufacturing articles of bedding such as sleeping bags. It was then that Pyrenex became the official name, paying homage to the region that lies against the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains.

In 1970 Jean-Pierre Crabos, (André's brother) Director General, employed Louis Audoubert as technical adviser for Pyrenex. Louis had climbed in the Pyrenees and Himalays, and was extremely well regarded for his expeditions all over the world. Together they created their first mountaineering jackets, which were highly technical garments designed to protect and insulate the wearer in the most extreme conditions.

10 years later in the 80's the jackets had been adopted by the streets, becoming an essential item for the modern wardrobe at the time. The Oisans was a huge runway success which cemented Pyrenex's fashion reputation. It was with this hype on the street that drove Pyrenex to use bright colours and glossy fabrics found across their range which made it such a hit in the 80's.

Fast forward to 2017 and Pyrenex are still staying true to their original ethos and values, whilst simultaneously making exceptionally ethnical jackets which are aesthetically stunning. Head over to the brand page to view the collection.