Collaborating With Nature: Snow Peak

Collaborating with Nature

Snow Peak SS22

Photography by Kev Foster

Words by George B

On rocks covered in spring pinks 

i"d like a few drinks 

and then a good snooze 

Snow Peak have become the masters of the outdoor lifestyle scene, thanks to their many years of experience, refining their craft and finding simple, ergonomic solutions to the issues that the outdoors can unexpectedly throw up. Withstanding the pressures of fire, water and wind, their gear is made with care, attention and detail. 

Aligning these approaches with the launch of their apparel in 2014 have led to a clothing line that features functional, considered, technical outdoor clothing, made with innovative Japanese fabrics. 

To be invited down to their UK headquarters and test how they do it was a real treat for us. Snow Peak is a new brand in our curation, so to understand how the technical aspects function in an environment that is synonymous with the brands philosophy was a fantastic insight. 


We drove across the country to the grounds where their HQ is. Deep in the countryside our Snow Peak specialist Jackson led us to our pitch for night. We each had our own 2 man tent to erect. I have to say, the process of putting up our tents was seamlessly easy, each component in its design has been thoughtfully approached in its creation, making for a pleasurable experience in setting up our home for the evening. Once the tents our up it's time to roll out the sleeping mat, which is easily inflatable with a couple of puffs of the lungs. Although it's thickness could hardly constitute a mattress, it certainly out performed all expectations in comfort. Next to roll out the highly thermal Ofuton Wide Sleeping bag, which provided such warmth on a cold spring night that got down to 3 degrees celsius in the night. The cool thing about this sleeping bag is that theres is a cavity that can be filled to make makeshift pillow on those sporadic nights away, additionally Snow Peak have conquered the issue of those early sunrises that pierce through the tent, by adding extra material to the sleeping bag that you simply pull over your head. These attention to details in everything that Snow Peak create is why the brand is so revered in this field of design. 

  As the light began to fade and our camp was set up for the evening, we wandered back to the HQ to construct our shelter to cook under for the night, where we would enjoy “Takibi” which translates to enjoying a bonfire. We firstly erected the Waterproof, UV-blocking Takibi Tarp, which has been designed to enable fireside gatherings in all seasons. Constructed from a flame-resistant polyester cotton the Takibi Inner Roof allows fires safely under the tarp. Again easily assembled using two poles and secured by multiple tension points, it provided the perfect setting for our evening of treats on the fire.

The next job was to get our furniture sorted along with the equipment to begin cooking. We had a mixture of chairs from Take! Bamboo chair, the Low Chair and the Folding Chair, all perfectly comfortable at different price points and features. The next priority was to get the fires going and to prepare the food. The Takibi Fire & Grill and Double BBQ Box in which Jackson split the needs of Yakitori chicken skewers, asparagus wrapped in bacon and Japanese Curry with potato, carrot and rice. All delicious and worthy to be named as one of the best meals we’ve eaten…

All made that much easier by the foldable chopping board and knife, in which the knife perfectly fits in when folded, along with the fireside gloves and fire tool set. 

A wonderful evening was finished off by moseying back to our camp, where we enjoyed a pre bed fire and a beer (or two)...

 The morning was greeted with quietness and coffee, congregating around Snow Peaks pack and carry fireplace kit, where we were treated to Jacksons delightful breakfast creation. Simple chestnut mushrooms cooked with halloumi on toast. See full recipe below. 


Chestnut mushrooms 500g 

Halloumi 250g 

3 cloves of garlic 

50g Butter 

Salt Pepper 

Oregano dried. 

Sautee the mushrooms with the lid on with a little oil, let the mushrooms begin to brown and add the butter along with the garlic, put the lid back on for another 5 mins, adding a good dose of soy sauce, along with oregano and seasoning. Continue for a few more minutes with the lid off, and then add the halloumi, cook until it's soft, absorbing all that flavour !!  Whack on some toast, preferably sourdough, and your good to go, enjoy !!

After breakfast we spent some time around the grounds of the location, shooting the apparel and getting familiar with the technical aspects of some of the garments in our SS22, in an environment in which its been designed for. The highlight of the collection is undoubtedly the 2.5L Rain Jacket in charcoal, its lightweight, waterproof and seem sealed with a perfectly constructed hood system to allow visibility and run off in rainy conditions. The Stretch FR Parka Jacket in black is again a lightweight spring summer jacket, but the notable feature is that it's fire-resistant. The fabric consists of ripstop and aramid, it features an adjustable drawcord, full zip and button closure, dual bust zippered pockets, dual pockets at the waist, and an upper back vent.  

There are many words that could be attributed to summarise Snow Peak products, but it's actually a task that only requires a few significant words: Fantastically considerate for its user, in which it creates an irresistible pull to start hoarding their product. 

The great thing about Snow Peak is its versatility in both apparel and gear and we are truly pleased to represent the brand here at Philip Browne

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