Sustainability At Nanushka


AW 2021

Photography by Kev Foster

“Sustainability is the pillar of our brand and how we envision our present and future. For us, it’s all about making decisions with love and consideration for our planet and the people. We are just at the beginning of our sustainability journey, but we will always be committed to doing better. Our aim is to grow our market share as a sustainable brand” 


Sustainable fashion is firmly a part of the modern discourse, and rightly so as it's a huge importance when it comes to our industry. In 2018 the global apparel and footwear industry itself produced 2.1 billion tonnes of c02 emissions, contributing approximately 10% to the total emissions on the planet for that year. Jaw dropping figures leave us thinking of our own input to driving towards a more sustainable business. Investing into brands like Nanushka is apart of our initiative, who are showing that its possible to strike sustainable balance at every stage of production, providing a humble marriage of ethically made luxury garments. 

Companies and brands are more environmentally conscious than ever with big marketing ploys to capture the ethically driven consumers of today, which is great however the “throw away” fashion outlets are no doubt the biggest contributors of the problem which is why we still advocate and believe in buying well, investing and researching into products that will not only last, but once used are easily recycled. Many companies that we deal with are beginning to realise the importance of streamlining their production and material choices to make their garments. 

Nanushka is a Budapest-based brand founded in 2006 by Sandra Sandor. Focusing on craftsmanship, detail and fabric, Nanushka builds an elegant, modern wardrobe creatively through Sandor’s dedication to responsible production. Although they are at the beginning of their growing pledges in building seamless infrastructures to support their ambitions of being 100% sustainable by 2025. Nanushka has an approach which is transparent, and getting better every year. They have implemented mechanisms within the structure of their manufacturing that has allowed interaction between designers and pattern makers. They use certified recycled materials and also up cycled dead stock from their own collections to rework them into forthcoming seasons. Nanushka have become famed for their use of Vegan leather: Celebrated for its supple feel. With its practicality and cruelty-free credentials, its an ethical alternative to animals skins, but they do acknowledge its not a completely green alternative, as it uses a polyurethane coating. However, Nanushka are committed to replacing the virgin use of polyester with a global recycling standard certified polyester. 

This is our first season with Nanushka, and we absolutely love the collection. The look, feel and comfort of the garments is on another level of luxury. Browse our collection of vegan leather puffa jackets, bowling shirts, tailoring and knitwear. 


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