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Top quality American brand Filson has been around for more than 100 years and its focus has always been on comfort, protection and durability.

It caters for well-off and well-rounded individuals. The smart businessman who is at ease on a horse in the mountains, up to his waist fly-fishing in a river or engaging in just about any activity that is masculine, outdoorsy and challenging.

It has become as renowned for its excellent luggage as it has for its Filson jackets, with a range that is phenomenally practical and smart. If you had to compare it with a British brand it would be Barbour crossed with Burberry.

Its appeal is perhaps more broad reaching than the British focus on the hunting, shooting sets, it has a sweeping repertoire that reflects the size and scale of America and its landscape. Filson Seattle is the original flagship store and you get now get superb Filson gear here in the UK.

Before we started to stock the brand you would have had to order online in the States, but we have been so impressed with the craftsmanship, styling and strength of Filson, that we have elected to become a Filson UK outlet. If you are unfamiliar with them come in and take a look, the Tin Cloth and Soy Wax finishes are iconic, and deservedly so.

The ruggedly handsome good looks of the Filson range really do have the stamp of the US continent on them. They are clothes that come form a different tradition, the swagger of John Wayne as opposed to the dandified country gent.

It is more Hemingway than Harris Tweed and yet they still have great distinction and are 100% weather tested. From ice storms to desert winds you would find yourself snug and safe in a Filson jacket.