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The world-famous Moschino brand was the brainchild of Italian designer Franco Moschino. Born in 1950, Franco had early plans to become a painter but soon switched to design when he landed a job at Versace.

In 1983, Franco decided to branch out on his own, and the Moschino brand was born. Starting off with jeans and casual wear, his brand grew exponentially, and shoes, lingerie, eveningwear and perfume all became part of the Moschino portfolio.

The Moschino fashion label soon became well known globally. It was famous for its innovative, colourful and often eccentric designs. Franco was an outspoken individual, and was not afraid to offer his critique of the fashion industry. His advertising campaigns featured slogans such as 'Warning: fashion shows can be dangerous to your health', and 'Good taste doesn't exist'. They got attention for their slightly provocative stance. Franco's social-awareness campaigns of the early 1990s also brought attention to the Moschino brand, and it fast became one of the leading labels worldwide.

Franco Moschino died in 1994, and the Moschino brand was then left in the capable hands of Rossella Jardini, his former assistant. From 1994 up until October 2013, Jardini took on the role of creative director. Following on from Jardini, Moschino's new creative director, Jeremy Scott, took over last year. The first collection of Moschino by Jeremy Scott will appear this coming autumn.

Despite Franco's untimely death, the Moschino brand is still going strong and is synonymous with quality and highly desirable clothing. The brand consists of several labels, including Moschino mens and women's lines, Moschino Cheap and Chic and Love Moschino for both men and women. Watches, perfume, jewellery, accessories and cosmetics also come under the Moschino umbrella of products. With hundreds of stores open worldwide, the first online Moschino boutique hit the web in 2009. In that same year, the first Moschino hotel was opened in Milan. It was called the Maison Moschino.

Although Franco Moschino ridiculed the haute-couture world of the fashion industry, his clothes have always been synonymous with high styling, unique designs and great quality, making his brand one of the most easily identifiable worldwide. Whether it's a Moschino mens shirt, jacket, hat or bag, there will always be a recognisable feature on the item showing the signature trademarks of quirky eccentricity and fashionable humour.