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Founded in 1898 by four young businessmen, just two years after the first marathon in the modern Olympics, Saucony has always had running in it’s blood. By 1910, these four young men and their workforce were turning out 800 pairs of shoes a day from their factory on the Saucony Creek (For those that are wondering, Saucony is pronounced ‘Sock - uh - knee’).

Throughout the early 1900s, serious athletes began to focus on running (both short and long distance) - however there were not any high performance running shoes being manufactured. These athletes were running in heavy leather spikes or even barefoot.

Saucony were determined to provide serious running footwear for both professional and amateur runners and throughout the 20th century made some of the best running shoes around. During the running boom of the 1960s and 1970s, Saucony trainers went from being the running community’s ‘best kept secret’ to the most sought after shoe of the era.


Today Saucony’s Originals line showcases their classic models from decades past with new twists on signature styles and silhouettes. Here at Philip Browne Menswear we’ve got some belters with fantastic colourways in iconic Saucony trainers such as the Shadow 5000, the Shadow 6000 and the Jazz Original Vintage. Reissued for the first time since 1983 is the DXN (Dixon) which we have to admit is a cracker.