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Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island Shadow Project

It's amazing how something as simple as a piece of plywood and a child's imagination could develop into a best-selling piece of sports gear. But that's exactly what happened when, aged just thirteen, Tom Sims took a plywood board and transformed into what he called a 'ski-board for the snow'. From that initial design, the modern snowboard evolved. Sims, acknowledged as the creator of the modern snowboard, went on to make the sport his life.

The Stone Island Shadow Project may have been triggered by something as ordinary as a working dialogue, but it rapidly gave birth to a brand new generation of men's clothing. No doubt the experience, expertise and technical know-how that the individuals concerned brought to the discussion ensured the project's success. The design team included Michaela Sachenbacher, Errolson Hugh and Carlo Rivetti, the proprietor and creative director of Sportswear Company. The term, Project, is a reflection of the close relationship between the current work and the Stone Island collection as a whole.

The latest Shadow Project collection explores contemporary textures. Project styles are a perfect blend of fashion and function. For some, maintaining the balance could be a challenge too far. But the Shadow Project has delivered the goods. The team has combined an in-depth knowledge of contemporary culture with the latest textile innovations to produce a look that is unique. Regarded as 'urbane' and 'progressive', the Project collection is a modern success story.

If you're looking for a warm, weather resistant and innovative design, then you are in luck. A Stone Island Shadow Project Jacket ticks all the boxes. Timeless iconic pieces have also come in for a makeover, with hard-shell surface effects and sheen fabrics. Everyone has a favourite, but regardless of personal preference, with a Stone Island product you can be sure of quality, practicality and dynamic style.