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1001 Pieces Of Shit 'Robot' Tee - White

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1001 Pieces of Shit is a project that not only marks the celebration of thirty years of Philip Browne the store - but also an abstract celebration of the man himself through the ephemera he collects.

He’s partial to holding onto small objects of significance, to a specific experience, a moment, or just because he likes how it looks. Each memory perpetually frozen on a shelf in his office.

As part of the project, every souvenir from this growing collection was meticulously photographed and catalogued. The prints on this very limited range of t-shirts depict a few of the extra special items - each one with a unique connection and story to tell.

Original concept and photography: Kev Foster and George Browne
Printing and production: Taz @tazelaarstevenson, printer/designer of razorshell
Digital Embroidery: @sonofianellen